EWIT Short Term Goals:

*  A comprehensive and effective mapping of the requirements of the African partnering areas related to e-waste management

*  A structured collection and analysis of the most relevant experiences, best practices, processes and tools provided by key stakeholders – both from Africa and Europe – representing the whole value chain

*  The implementation of a dynamic and easy to use information and service portal that offers guidance and practical support for the design and development of smart e-waste collection and recycling systems


EWIT Long Term Goals:

* Increase environment and health protection

*  Keep current jobs, while improving their effectiveness and working conditions

*  Maximize recycling opportunities to generate economic value and new jobs

*  Establish a platform to generate synergies between African and European municipalities and governments related to technology transfer and e-waste flows monitoring and control

*  Collect available reliable data on waste generated in terms of quantity, patterns of arising, material content, future trends, environmental impact and economic recovery potential

*  Define and develop the conditions, actions and business case necessary to implement effective waste recycling systems in metropolitan areas

*  Develop standards, benchmarks and best practice references to drive improvements in the collection, recycling and recovery of materials across Africa

EWIT will generate the expected impacts through 5 coordinated work packages. The working model is based on two different sets of workshops, one led by “Cities” and the other by E-Waste “Experts”. Tools, implementation models, policies and procedures feed the EWIT web portal, a dedicated information and service platform.

Dissemination plays a key role to assure that the EWIT project’s outputs are shared with the stakeholders.