Key Facts

  • Kisii Town is in Kisii County on the western border of Kenya. It is twinned under the EWIT project with the Portuguese City of Porto.

  • Kisii County Government hosted a workshop in July 2015 as part of the EWIT project specifically addressing E-waste management in the County.

  • Kisii has established one of Kenya's first E-Waste Recycling Collection Centres in the grounds of Kisii University in partnership with East African Compliance Recycling (EACR).

Kisii County is one of the 47 counties in Kenya courtesy of the county system of governance created by the new constitution of Kenya 2010.  It shares common borders with Nyamira County to the North East, Narok County to the South and Homabay and Migori Counties to the West.

The county covers a total area of 1,332.7 km2 and is divided into nine constituencies.  The county‘s total population was estimated to be 1,226,873 persons in 2012. With a growth rate of 2.1% the population is expected to rise to 1,362,779 persons in 2017.

The county is characterized by a hilly topography with several ridges and valleys and it is
endowed with several permanent rivers which flow from East to West into Lake Victoria. Soils in the county are generally good and fertile allowing for agricultural activities.  The high and reliable rainfall coupled with moderate temperatures is suitable for growing crops like tea, coffee, pyrethrum, maize, beans and bananas as well dairy farming.

The following data regarding E-waste management were identified as part of the EWIT project.  The data are derived from a range of sources.  Due to the difficulty in obtaining quantified data, much of the tonnage data are based on imprecise estimates.

To compare the data for different cities against each other you can use the ‘compare’ function on the main Cities page.

Country Kenya
City Kisii (Kenya)
Current Population of the city 82,000
In which year was the population data collected? 2009
Quantity of municipal solid waste generated annually? (t/yr) 11,972
Quantity of E-Waste generated from households annually? (t/yr) 10,988
Quantity of E-Waste collected from households annually? (t/yr) 5,911
Year of the above data 2015
Collection Stations 7
Active landfills 0
Active Dumps 1
Closed landfills and closed dumps 0
Dismantling Facilities 0
Repair & Refurbish Facilities 0
Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) 0
Other facilities
Does the national government have an agency mandated to enforce solid waste including E-Waste laws and regulations? NEMA
Does the city have a department dedicated to solid waste including E-Waste management? Public Health
Does the city have a unit enforcing solid waste including E-Waste issues in the city? Town Administrator
Does the city have its own solid waste management including E-Waste rules? By laws of the municipality
List of international partners and NGOs currently working with the city and briefly describe each project None except the current EWIT Project
Is there a national law governing solid waste including E-Waste management in the country? Solid Waste Regulation, 2006
Who is mandated to collect, transfer and dispose of E-Waste Licensed e-waste handlers
Does the city have solid waste including E-Waste management rules and regulations? No
Does the city have a solid waste including E-Waste master plan? No
Provide a list of channels through which the city communicates with its residents on solid waste management issues (eg. website, newsletter, radio, social media, etc …). Also indicate how often each channel is used Notices, Website (Kisii County Page), Baraza, Radio (Egesa Station) on Ad Hoc basis
What are the key messages or information provided to the public ? (eg. education on littering, source separation or waste reduction etc.) Education, Littering, Sanitation, Waste Reduction
Provide a list of channels through which the city collects feedback from it residents on issues related to solid waste services. (eg. Annual surveys, dedicated telephone line, Mobile phone Applications, social media, etc …) Annual Surveys, Telephone Line
Provide a summary of key solid waste information made periodically available to the public (eg. Annual budget, waste collection coverage rates, recycling rate, etc..) Waste Collection
Does the city have a contract with one or more private firms for waste management? Yes
Does the contract cover waste collection? Yes
Does the contract cover waste transport Yes
Does the contract cover waste disposal Yes

Kisii County Government has established a draft set of county-level requirements for E-waste. This includes the establishment of an E-waste management strategy with five identified goals key in the sector and the County outlined as below:-

1. Provide effective and efficient E-waste Services
2. Provide high quality E-waste resource recovery infrastructure
3. Develop regional and strategic partnerships on E-waste management
4. Ensuring sustainable E-waste services through review, monitoring, innovation and improvement
5. Be a community leader in E-waste management

Each goal consists of priorities and associated actions which are to be formulated within a Master Plan for the County’s management of E-waste

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