The fast growing use of technology is creating a rising e-waste stream, for which there is limited recycling capacity. E-waste management infrastructures and public awareness of the related health and environmental issues are limited. Basic environmental precautions are sometimes absent and health and safety regulations are loosely enforced. Improvements are therefore urgently needed to develop sound e-waste management systems, ensuring at the same time a more protected environment and health as well as job and profit opportunities.

The E-Waste Implementation Toolkit (EWIT) project addresses these challenges, assisting African municipalities in supporting the definition of solutions for effective e-waste management systems for their communities.

The EWIT web portal offers guidance and a practical support for the design and development of e-waste collection and recycling systems.

EWIT is a 24-month first initiative of the EWIT long term Commitment awarded in 2014 by the European Commission under the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials. The EWIT project has then received funding from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme.

The project is expected to increase recycling opportunities for prospective entrepreneurs, generating new jobs and improving environment and health protection of local communities. 24 partners – both from Europe and from Africa – are part of the Consortium implementing the project.