Suggested treatment of temperature exchange equipment in emerging economies

Examples for products covered Refrigerators, Freezers, Equipment which automatically delivers cold products, Air conditioning equipment, Dehumidifying equipment, Heat pumps, Radiators containing oil and other temperature exchange equipment using fluids other than water for the temperature exchange.
Specifics of this group •        Consisting mostly of ferrous metals

•        Negative value (material value < treatment costs)

Hazardous components Freon (as coolant and blowing agent in the insulation)
Suggested treatment Step 1: Sucking of liquid cooling (Freon) agent:

·       Sucking of liquid cooling agent from circuit

·       Enough for aircons => manual dismantling

·       Only 1st step for fridges and freezers (CFC also as blowing agent in insulation foam)

Productivity * 10 pieces per hour
Minimum quantity (to establish profitable operations) * 500 tons per year
Start- up investment * 20-30.000 € in addition to standard start-up investment costs of 15-20.000 € (working tables, compressor with pneumatic tools, safety clothes, gitterboxes, storage boxes, EHS training, …)
Potential next investments in technology when volumes increase * Step 2: Degasification:

·       Shredding under low pressure environment that Freon can be collected from inside the shredder

Productivity:          > 5.000 tons per shift per year

Minimum quantity:         3.000 tons per year

Investment:           > 5 Mio €

All numbers mentioned are estimates based on personal experience and prices of 2015!

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