Suggested treatment of small IT and telecommunication equipment in emerging economies

Examples for products covered Mobile phones, GPS, Pocket calculators, Routers, Personal computers, Printers, Telephones.
Specifics of this group ·       Plastics and non-ferrous metals (relatively high concentration of precious and critical metals) predominate

·       Positive value (material value > treatment costs)

Hazardous components Different types of dangerous batteries, displays, capacitors, …
Suggested treatment Manual dismantling
Productivity * 100 – 200 tons per worker per year
Minimum quantity (to establish profitable operations) * 300 tons per year (2 worker) together with other input products
Start- up investment * 15-20.000 € (working tables, compressor with pneumatic tools, safety clothes, gitterboxes (EUR-box pallets or Euro-mesh-box-pallets), storage boxes, EHS training, …)
Potential next investments in technology when volumes increase * ·       Bailer to reduce volume of outgoing fraction

Investment:                 10.000 €


·       Shredding and material separation

Productivity:      1 ton per hour

Minimum quantity:     1.000 tons per year

Investment:   40-50.000 €

* All numbers mentioned are estimates based on personal experience and prices of 2015!

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