Suggested treatment of small equipment in emerging economies

Examples for products covered Vacuum cleaners, Carpet sweepers, Appliances for sewing, Luminaires, Microwaves, Ventilation equipment, Irons, Toasters, Electric knives, Electric kettles, Clocks and Watches, Electric shavers, Scales, Appliances for hair and body care, Calculators, Radio sets, Video cameras, Video recorders, Hi-fi equipment, Musical instruments, Equipment reproducing sound or images, Electrical and electronic toys, Sports equipment, Computers for biking, diving, running, rowing, etc., Smoke detectors, Heating regulators, Thermostats, Small Electrical and electronic tools, Small medical devices, Small Monitoring and control instruments, Small Appliances which automatically deliver products, Small equipment with integrated photovoltaic panels.
Specifics of this group ·       Plastics and iron predominate

·       Positive value (material value > treatment costs)

Hazardous components Different types of dangerous batteries, displays, capacitors, …
Suggested treatment Manual dismantling
Productivity * 100 – 200 tons per worker per year
Minimum quantity (to establish profitable operations) * 300 tons per year (2 worker) together with other input products
Start- up investment * 15-20.000 € (working tables, compressor with pneumatic tools, safety clothes, gitterboxes, storage boxes, EHS training, …)
Potential next investments in technology when volumes increase * ·       Bailer to reduce volume of outgoing fraction

Investment:                 10.000 €


·       Shredding and material separation

Productivity:      1 ton per hour

Minimum quantity:     1.000 tons per year

Investment:   40-50.000 €

* All numbers mentioned are estimates based on personal experience and prices of 2015!

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