Suggested treatment of lamps in emerging economies

Examples for products covered Straight fluorescent lamps, Compact fluorescent lamps, Fluorescent lamps, High intensity discharge lamps – including pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps, Low pressure sodium lamps, LED.
Specifics of this group Strong negative value (material value < treatment costs)
Hazardous components Mercury contained in lamps powder
Suggested treatment Simple, but dedicated lamp crusher that has also some aspiration and filters expressly made for mercury. By that the volume of the lamps can be reduced and packed in ADR big bags (2 linings) in order to export it to a special plant that is able to treat crushed lamps.
Productivity * Depending on lamp crusher
Minimum quantity (to establish profitable operations) * Depending on lamp crusher
Start- up investment * Depending on lamp crusher
Potential next investments in technology when volumes increase * Full lamp treatment line (incl. mercury Treatment)

* All numbers mentioned are estimates based on personal experience and prices of 2015!

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