Suggested treatment of large equipment in emerging economies


Examples for products covered Washing machines, Clothes dryers, Dish washing machines, Cookers, Electric stoves, Electric hot plates, Luminaires, Equipment reproducing sound or images, Musical equipment (excluding pipe organs installed in churches), Appliances for knitting and weaving, Large computer-mainframes, Large printing machines, Copying equipment, Large coin slot machines, Large medical devices, Large monitoring and control instruments, Large appliances which automatically deliver products and money, Photovoltaic panels.
Specifics of this group ·       Consisting mostly of ferrous metals

·       Positive value (material value > treatment costs)

Hazardous components Possibility of the presence of hazardous capacitors
Suggested treatment First step: manual removing of hazardous components

Second step: selling remaining metal to impact/large car shredders or metal traders

Productivity * 500 – 1.000 tons per worker per year
Minimum quantity (to establish profitable operations) * 300 tons per year (2 worker) together with other input products
Start- up investment * 15-20.000 € (working tables, compressor with pneumatic tools, safety clothes, gitterboxes, storage boxes, EHS training, …)
Potential next investments in technology when volumes increase * None

* All numbers mentioned are estimates based on personal experience and prices of 2015!

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