Operative tips to facilitate a smoother dismantling/treatment operation

– Please do not crush, bail or destroy in any way the collected products at collection points
– These guidelines are not meant for “doing-it-yourself”. Please ask for support from specialists, especially when it comes to EHS training of workers.
– Besides all technological issues extensive management know-how is necessary to ensure a profitable operation.
– Please focus first at ensuring enough volumes of obsolete products. When you have secured at least 200 tons annually, you can start to establish your own manual dismantling facility. When reaching the previously mentioned thresholds, investments should be done in more advanced technologies step-by-step.
– Please do not make a common mistake of investing first and thinking that the necessary volumes to be profitable will come automatically.
– Several basic equipment to start a dismantling facility (tables, gitterboxes, …) can be produced by local craftsmen.

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