E-waste treatment facility in Vienna, Austria – DRZ

In pictures: DRZ stands for German “Demontage- und Recycling Zentrum” (dismantling and recycling centre), where collected electronic devices that are still working are sold for reuse, or prepared for recycling or upcycling. DRZ has also a social aspect and it gives opportunity for long-term unemployed people to get back into a working life. You can see the ideas how to use parts of dismantled washing machine, for example. In DRZ, one can also buy necklaces and other cool items.

You will find the link to their website below the photos. We took the pictures on 2.5.2016.

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More information is available (German only!) on www.drz-wien.at

The products are sold at the site and also in the ReUse shop 48 Tandler: www.48ertandler.at

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